I often push a work-in-progress (WIP) branch to GitLab to share with my team or as a backup. I don’t necessarily want to run the CI/CD pipeline on this branch: the tests aren’t updated and it’s not ready for a feature branch deployment. GitLab provides several ways to skip the pipeline.

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One way to skip the pipeline is to pass the ci.skip push option to Git:

git push -o ci.skip origin my-branch

The branch is pushed to the server, but the pipeline isn’t created.

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Another way to skip the pipeline is to include [ci skip] or [skip ci] in your commit message. Again, the branch is pushed, but the pipeline isn’t created.

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It’s also possible to run the pipeline and skip specific jobs based on the commit message. For example, this job from the .gitlab-ci.yml reference is skipped if the commit message contains skip-end-to-end-tests:

  script: rake test:end-to-end
      - $CI_COMMIT_MESSAGE =~ /skip-end-to-end-tests/

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